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August 19

The team application link is closed.  You snoozed, you losed.

The preseason meeting list is updated at 4ish for Tuesday. Please note that the preseason meetings are not at the Sheraton.  They are at the office at the west end of tthe office strip with the ASL office.  They all start at 7 pm.

We're changing the preseason meeting approach to offer four separate sessions.  Your team needs to be represented at one of those sessions.  An e-mail went out to all team reps tonight, so make sure your team rep is planning to attend so you don't have to pitch in to pay the $50 fine for not being repreesented. The current state of signups is in the top folder on the left.  And so you, know the best raffle prize will be at the first meeting on Tuesday August 20.

The first game for Sunday play is September 7.  The first game for Wednesday play is August 27.  The last day to register for a men's premier team for the first game is August 28.  The last day to register for the first Sunday game for everyone else is September 4.  The final registration session on September 4 will be from 6 to 9 pm at the office.  The lines are nonexistent today, so you should go register and avoid the lines.

We've added the entry form for a new try by the New Mexico Games at adult soccer.  You're welcome to join up but be aware that it has no connection to us so your insurance doesn't cover you for this event.

Male and female players looking for teams are growing and updated as of today.  We've also started posting in Excel format for ease of review since the lists are growing quite a bit.  No one should have a reason to not be able to fill out your roster for the fall.

If you want to play this fall, you want to be on our list with all the fashionable people in central New Mexico.  Go to the folder titled Players Looking for Teams for information on getting on the ASL 2014 Draft List.  Just because Johnny Football got taken doesn't mean you should give up as Johnny or Jane Futbol.

Office hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. During the playing season we’re open on Thursdays 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.  We are not open on Friday, regardless of what "they" told you. The office is at 1820 San Pedro NE, Suite 6. You can bring gifts and the staff will be very grateful. Please don’t bring them firearms or distilled spirits as league management often meets with them later in the day when their stress level is increased.



Apply for Albuquerque SL Fall14/Spring15

Here’s the link for registration for the fall 2014 and spring 2015 soccer competition.  When you register your team, we are considering you to be committing to both the fall and spring season.

 If you already have a team in ASL in spring 2014, or you had a team in summer 2014, go to your Team Folder, log in and submit your application through that link and it will preserve your ability to populate your roster with the Team Player Pool function.  If you want to change your team name, submit the application through the old name and send us an e-mail.  We can then go in to the data base and change the team name and preserve your Team Player Pool function.

If you’re a new team who has not played in the league before, click the link below and it will step you through the team application process.   If you are a new team and are applying for Coed 2nd or 3rd Divisions (and we've changed names, these are the old Coed C and D divisions), we will ask you for a roster of your players and playing experience by person before we accept your team in either of those divisions.  This apparently offends some people.  So be it.  It’s the process we use to weed sandbaggers out of those divisions.

There is a $50 application fee for all competitions.  The $50 application fee for the fall and spring competition will be applied to individual player fees if you actually complete the process of registering a team.  If you elect to pay your $50 application fee by check or cash at the office, please be aware that your application is not complete until we receive it.  That also means your team isn’t included in the schedule.  Therefore, we’d suggest getting that fee paid as soon as you submit your electronic application.

Before you do any of this, please go to the Fall 2014/Spring 2015 Soccer folder and read the information there on what we offer and how to do both your team application and how to set up your roster and enter player records and pictures.

Questions?  Contact us at aslsoc@swcp.com or call the office at 505-346-0831

Summer 2014 Referee Certification Clinics Are Set

Do you have a burning desire to make new friends, influence people, be the idol of hundreds (OK, dozens) every Sunday?  Have you spent hours on social media advising the world that you could have done those World Cup games better? Your ship has come in.  Here is the summer referee clinic schedule.

The New Mexico Soccer Referee Association is offering numerous introductory referee clinics in July and August.  In order to officiate adult soccer games, an aspiring referee must complete the requirements for a Grade 8 certification.  NMSRA is offering several relevant clinics. 

First, on July 12 is a Grade 9 clinic.  That qualifies you to do small sided youth games in Duke City Soccer League.  On August 2, a “bridge” clinic is being offered that provides the additional training to upgrade from a Grade 9 to a Grade 8.  That’s path number 1 to becoming a grade 8 referee for the fall season.  There are several additional Grade 9 clinics offered after August 2.  Unless you want to attend the August 17 clinic, there will not be additional "bridge" clinics during the summer.  The next bridge clinics will be held after the fall season.

On August 17 is the Grade 8 clinic for people who have not certified before. That’s a full day clinic and is Path 2.

There isn’t a path 3 even if you’ve played 30 years and are too tired and slow to play and want to ref now.

If you are a referee whose certification has lapsed prior to 2014, you can recertify under certain conditions.  Contact us at 346-0831 or e-mail us at aslsoc@swcp.com if you are in that situation.

Here is the link to the Clinics listing on the NMSRA web site:


You MUST preregister for the clinics and can do so at the link above.  The clinics are held at the SRA training center at 501 Industrial NE Albuquerque 87107

Class size is limited: If you plan to attend, you MUST pre-register online through the link above.

Fees: Grade 8 Clinic on 8/17 - $90 for clinic and USSF certification.

Grade 9 Clinics - $75 for clinic and USSF certification

Grade 8 Bridge Clinic on 8/2 - $75 for clinic and USSF certification



In the summer, the decision to play games is made at the field due to the wide spread in field locations.  Therefore, you need to go to your game so the referee can determine if the field is playable.  We do NOT use the rainout phone.

In the fall and spring, where we play at three locations, if it rains, we e-mail everyone, update the web site and post notice on the rainout phone at 341-5015.  The first update of the day will be posted at 7 a.m.  Please listen to the message, as it will tell you whether you need to call back during the day for updates.  The phone will handle 500 callers at a time, so you won’t get a busy signal.

Additional Info

If you’ve got suggestions for information you’d like to see included, contact us at aslsoc@swcp.com.

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