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May 21

We've updated the players looking for teams listing as of today.  if your team is looking for players for the summer season, the front page article seemed to work pretty well for the spring season, so please send us your needs and contact info and we'll get it posted.  If you're a player looking, go to the Players Looking folder on the left and send us the free agent form with your preferences, experience, and contact info and we'll get you set up.

We've posted information on the right on the Second Annual Silver City Kickoff Classic June 19-21, in of all places, Silver City.  It's strictly FIFA rules except when it's not, since it's 9 v 9.  In any case, ASL will pay the entry fee for the first two teams (of players all registered in ASL) who enter, so get your group together.  You need to enter under your ASL team name and apparently you can assemble your roster of any players holding a current passcard.  

Office hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. During the playing season we’re open on Thursdays 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.  We are not open on Friday, regardless of what "they" told you. The office is at 1820 San Pedro NE, Suite 6. You can bring gifts and the staff will be very grateful. Please don’t bring them firearms or distilled spirits as league management often meets with them later in the day when their stress level is increased.



Leading Scorer Awards for 2014-2015

Congratulations to the leading scorers by division.  Every winner gets a $50 gift card that’s waiting for you to pick up at the office.


Men’s Premier – Aguilas –Migui Tadeo-Smith  27 goals  

Men’s First – Universitarios – Fabian Carbajal 22 goals   

Men’s Second - La Tribu - Manuel Loya  26 goals               

Men’s Third - Dept Leon - Jorge Delgado 18 goals              

Coed First – Soleros – Adam Platania – 34 goals Male

Coed First – Rebels – Ashley Coleman - 6 goals - Female

Coed Second – Bruins – Patrick Illescas – 14 goals - Male

Coed Second – Westgate – Aldo Ornelas  - 14 goals - Male

Coed Second – Bruins – Alisa Clark – 4 goals - Female

Coed Second – Bruins – Lauren Rivera – 4 goals - female

Coed Second – Noobz – Bailey Rowe - 4                goals - Female

Coed Second - Yucca Doos – Jennifer Cramer – 4 goals - Female

Coed Third - FC Pompo – Andrew Young– 19 goals - Male

Coed Third - Old Spice – Riley McKee – 19 goals - Male

Coed Third - Old Spice – Ari Herring – 11 goals - Female

Women’s First - Mighty Wombats – Stefanie Kildare – 25 goals  

Women’s Second - Bench Warmers – Brenda Ruiz - 17 goals       

Women’s Third - Revolution – Crystal Cordova   - 38 goals

Players Looking for Teams Two Day Listing

Based on the success of putting the teams looking in the center section, we're going to start listing players for two days on this section before we move them to the Players Looking folder on the left.

Updated May 21

Caitlin Tero, F, 29, Monday or Tuesday coed, play midfield or forward, played through college.  5052498918 texting OK

Sebas Soche, M, 25, mens b division,  Ill play pretty much anywhere the team needs me. Here is a descending order of the positions I like to playà wings> L/R backs> forward> center mid> center defender.   I have played all through high school. I regularly play indoor at International or ABQ indoor. The ASL adult teams I have been on over the past few years include Murcielagos FC, The Old Republic FC, and Persepolis. The team I am usually on is taking a break for the summer so I would like to stay in shape and join another team.   (505) 375-0317  texting OK

Oscar Estrada, M, 20 Men’s high competition, plays defense, I’ve played throughout high school and I’m currently in an indoor team  505-267-8637 texting OK

Sean Lyons, M, 16, men’s competitivbe, defender/midfielder, Play high school and club soccer currently. Looking to play organized soccer during the summer months.   505-933-0752 texting OK

Julian Weisburd, M, 22, coed, mid rec level, Prefer mid-field, but anything other than keeper, Haven't played in 8 years, but I'm in pretty good shape,  505.362.1322 texting OK

Oscar Avila, M, 34, men’s or coed, center, defensive midfielder, played through high school,,  7734255908 texting OK

Zachary T. Shank, M, 39 Men’s over 30 and Men’s Open b division, Medium competition level. I won't yell at teammates or the ref. I want to have fun, maybe score some goals, shake hands and do it again next week. I'm not a talented scorer but I can worry defenders, and don't put me at keeper. I won't be much of a liability elsewhere. Midfield or defensive wings are great places for me.I play Men's Division 3 in fall and spring / I played over-30 and Open B in summer 14 ? U-12 Green Country Soccer Association back in the day 505-796-2225 texting OK

Ryan Robinson, M, 31, men’s o coed, rec level, right defender, played 1 year,  

Roy Suarez, M, 26, men and coed, rec level, midfielder, played youth up till 12,      505-506-2991 texting OK

Samuel Benally, M, 19, looking for high level men’s play, Midfield, Wing, Defender, Fall 2014-Fort Lewis College club team, 2013/2014-Varsity-Volcano Vista High School, 2011/2012-JV-Volcano Vista High School. 2001-2015 played club soccer for Rush, United, and Elite.      505-340-8179

Don Johnson, M, 34, Mens over 30,  Any level, all positions except keeper, played up to college,  505-382-3702, texting OK

David Matthews, M 33 men’s or men’s over 30, Competitive & Rec, RB, LB, CDM, CM,4 men's league seasons, 3 coed seasons, 1 indoor season. 12 years playing for fun,,   505 289 1982. Google voice number forwards texts and voicemail to my mobile.Text or email me please

Pier Francesco Indelli, M, 46, men’s rec level, center midfield, Soccer player for 4 years in College; Played in rec Italian leagues for years  408-706-6288 texting OK

Cef Garcia, M, 44, Coed Rec, midfielder, played high school and 2014 coed,​, 505-977-2946, texting OK, I lost 44lb over the last year and am ready for the summer season, just let me know our colors.

Jessica Berry , F, 23, coed, recreational, midfield or forward, played club soccer from age 8 to 19 years, played 1 year at la Cueva High school, indoor for a few years.    505-366-3447  texting preferred.

Ken Sangha,  male,35, Men’s Over 30 Friday Evenings ,  Position: defense, mid played up to college level,   505-450-9916  texting OK.

Darin James, M 19 looking for high level coed play, Center Back, Center Mid, anywhere needed but those in particular,            College D-2 Player currently (meaning he can’t play rec division coed)  505-328-3042  texting OK

Abdulaziz Yusiaf, male, 20, played in Kuwait, looking for high level men’s play.  Play striker or forward, but can play anywhere except goal.  505-289-4373 text OK

Joseph, male 32 looking for premier or first division level play.  Forward or midfield.  505-659-9834 text OK.

Jesus Ibarra, 20, male, beginner looking for men’s team.  505-304-6138 (h) 505-312-7084, text OK

Julie V. Sanchez, 40 years old, looking for summer mid level coed play, Mid-field/Forward,  Currently play on a womens outdoor team.  Have played for roughly 25 years.  Have played both indoor and outdoor, womens and co-ed.   e-mail:  (505) 340-5094 texting OK

Bert Smith, age 38, looking for rec level men’s play at any position.  Played seven years. or 505-264-6438, text preferred.

Interested in joining a mens or co-Ed premier or 1st division team. New to Albuquerque from California played soccer all my life and play all positions. Last played defensive area for a premier soccer team in California. 25 yrs old fast strong player please respond if have an opening.Carlos at



Looking to join a Team? Here's a Shortcut to Teams Looking for Players for the Summer Season

Teams Looking as of May 21:

Team "Sons of Albuquerque" is looking for players who are competitive, like to have fun and who can commit to practices (usually held on Tuesday/Thursday evenings, sometimes on Sundays in the preseason) at least once a week and attend most games.

We will be playing in the Men's open-group B division this summer. We are looking for players who are strong at defensive positions but are also looking for players who play other positions.

To inquire about joining our team, contact Eddie at 505-261-5971 (may call or text), e-mail address is    



In the summer, the decision to play games is made at the field due to the wide spread in field locations.  Therefore, you need to go to your game so the referee can determine if the field is playable.  We do NOT use the rainout phone.

In the fall and spring, where we play at three locations, if it rains, we e-mail everyone, update the web site and post notice on the rainout phone at 341-5015.  The first update of the day will be posted at 7 a.m.  Please listen to the message, as it will tell you whether you need to call back during the day for updates.  The phone will handle 500 callers at a time, so you won’t get a busy signal.

Additional Info

If you’ve got suggestions for information you’d like to see included, contact us at

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