In the fall and spring, where we play at two the complex in Bernalillo. If it rains, we e-mail everyone to provide status of games, update the web site and post notice on the rainout phone at 505-346-0062Please listen carefully to the entire phone message, as we try to update status throughout the day unless we have 8 inches of snow and the decision is easy.  We also send out notice on our Facebook page and twitter feed. The first update of the day will be posted at 7 a.m.  Please listen to the message, as it will tell you whether you need to call back during the day for updates.  The phone will handle 500 callers at a time, so you won’t get a busy signal.

In the summer, we're now using the same system as fall and spring because we've centralized to coed and men's play being at the complex and the over 30, over 40 and women's open competitions all being at the same location, which makes it easier to track.  


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