Two Important League Rules on Game Time and Uniforms

Two important league rules.

First, game time is when your game is supposed to start.  Both teams are supposed to be dressed and checked in with the referee.  When each team has seven players, the game will start.  The referee will not wait for the rest of your team to finish up at Starbucks or Dutch Bros.  If one team is ready to play and the other is not, the team that is ready to play has the option of accepting a forfeit or waiting for other team to get up to 7 players.  It is the team’s option, not the referee’s. Whatever amount of time that takes is taken off the game time in equal parts from each half.  If neither team is ready, and both teams want to play, then the game starts when both teams get to 7 and the time is taken off the game.  If you agreed to wait and you lose the game, you don’t get to change your mind and take the forfeit.

Second, you are required to have numbers on each shirt, professionally applied (meaning not a sharpie or duct tape) and each number is different.  You don't trade jerseys during the game.



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