I want to get on a soccer team!!!!

OK, then read this stuff below

Even before first, go back to webpage and go down a couple of links and you'll see a posting of teams who are looking for players that might save you some time.......

First, here’s what we offer.  We are not a youth soccer league.  We are an adult soccer league. You must be at least 16 years old to play in ASL.

Fall and Spring Soccer:

In the fall and spring, we have three competitive divisions of men’s, women’s and coed soccer that play on Sundays.  Our Sunday games are played at the New Mexico Soccer tournament complex in Bernalillo.  Games are played at 9, 11, 1 and 3.  We've used some city fields in the past but the city has begun a program to remove the permanent goals from all the fields and we own our own 22 field soccer complex and can fit everything in at that location.

We also have a Wednesday night 7 v 7 coed league that plays at the NM Soccer tournament complex in Bernalillo.  We're also offering an Over 50 pickup soccer action for both men and women on Wednesdays at the complex.

Outside of the APS soccer complex, which is in full use during the fall, there are no lighted fields in town for weeknight soccer.

On Sundays you can only play on one men’s team, one women’s team, and one coed team.  If you are a man, you can play on a men’s team and a coed team.  If you are a woman, you can play on a women’s team and a coed team.  The point being that for the fall and spring, you cannot play on two men’s teams, two women’s teams or two coed teams regardless of what someone told you.

Summer Soccer:

Go here for a description of our summer playing division.  Our games are pretty spread out over the week unlike the fall and spring when virtually everything is on Sundays.  Unlike the fall and spring, you can play on multiple coed teams since the coed and age bracket play is for fun, not for standings, in the summer.

All three seasons:

In order to be eligible to play, you need to register on a team.  That entails your online record being set up in a team folder with a picture of you, a passcard being printed, you completing an online liability waiver, and paying your fee.  Your team manager can provde you all the details and get you set up once you've connected with a team.

Issues like practice, uniforms, and acceptable behavior vary from team to team.  The league does not issue you a uniform, shin guards, shoes, or a limousine to take you to your games.  All of that is something you deal with the team on.

We don’t place you on a team like an AYSO type operation or apparently some municipal leagues do.  The teams are formed by individual groups and it’s at their option to add someone to their team.  Hence, we post your information you provide us, and we’ve posted a Word document right below this article (or click here) that you can complete and e-mail, fax or scan back to us and we’ll enter your info in the data base we post.

A couple of hints.  First, bear in mind that everyone on the planet can see this information.  Hence, we’d recommend that you use a yahoo, gmail, or similar account rather than your work e-mail address.  Second, everyone will see your phone number as well.  So govern your actions accordingly.  If you don’t want someone to text you, say so, leave out your phone number, and we’ll post that on your listing.

Believe it or not, a good number of people give us their information and then never respond to teams who contact them.  At the possible risk of stating the obvious, it increases your odds of getting on a team if you’ll actually respond to people even if it’s to thank them and tell them you’d prefer a different opportunity.  Also, we generally have a lot more men looking to join coed teams than we have coed teams looking for men.  At any given time, we can usually find a place for about 250 women because every coed and women’s team needs more women.  If you’re a goalkeeper, you can pretty much write your own contract because everyone needs a goalkeeper.  However, we’ll caution you that if you’ve never played goalkeeper before and say you will and the team then proceeds to lose their first game with you in goal by a 20-0 margin, the love affair between you and your new team may be short lived.

Fill out the form and return to us and we’ll get you added to the list within 24 hours.  If you have problems downloading the form, keep reading.  Also, PLEASE DO NOT CONVERT THIS TO PDF.  IT BECOMES A REAL PAIN TO MANUALLY TRANSCRIBE INTO THE DATA BASE.

We seem to have special snippy response sometimes on the form, which we blame on Microsoft.  Here’s what the form has on it, so you can just copy and paste this into your e-mail response to aslsoc@swcp.com.




Competition (Men’s, women’s, coed)

Competition level: (High, rec, world cup, how high or law a skill level)





Can people text you:


Albuquerque Sol

Albuquerque Sol


New Mexico State Soccer Association

New Mexico State Soccer Association

United State Adult Soccer Association

United State Adult Soccer Association

United States Soccer Federation

United States Soccer Federation