General Information About the Accident Insurance Carried By ASL - January 2024 Update

You no longer download a paper form to submit your accident insurance claim.  The system is now completely online and the link to click to get into the system is on the right where the paper form used to be.  When you open the link, you will see the term "Reporter."  The Reporter can the player or the team manager if the player is getting help.  When the information is complete, it will be sent to NMSSA for verification that the injured person is a registered player and then automatically goes to the insurance claims administrator.  This should speed up the system considerably and eliminate the need for scanning and emailing.
Albuquerque Soccer League, through our membership in New Mexico State Soccer Association and the United States Adult Soccer Association, obtains liability insurance coverage that we are required to carry in order to use city and school fields as well as the fields at the soccer complex at Santa Ana. There are a lot of other good reasons that we won’t include here.
This coverage applies only to players registered in ASL and only to games on our schedules.  If you play in Liga Libertadores, Liga latina, or any other league or Liga, including indoor soccer, you need to check with them on their insurance coverage.  If they tell you to come to the ASL office to file a claim, ask them why they don’t send you here to register before you’re injured.
Please note that this is not health insurance.  You do not get an insurance card.  You are insured for injuries you sustain in sanctioned soccer events.  This is not general insurance coverage like you get at work or through the ACA.
Also, this does not pay you for missing work.  This is NOT disability insurance.  If you need that, you need to contact an insurance agent and purchase that yourself if you do not have it through you employer.
For purposes of the accident coverage policy, you’re covered for both practice and games. Summer play is from the date you register through our last scheduled game. That is early August.  For fall soccer, it’s from the date the City sanctions practice, usually two weeks before the first game, until the last scheduled league game. The spring season operates under the same time frame.
The coverage is secondary. That means if you have insurance coverage at work, that applies first. This insurance takes over after the benefits from your primary insurance have been exhausted. If you have no insurance, this coverage becomes your primary coverage.
The limitation per incident is $5,000 and has specific limitations, as well as a $400 deductible. This isn’t going to cover all of your expenses and no one is going to write you a $5,000 check if you get injured. Its purpose is to hold down liability claims. It costs $10 a year, which is substantially less than what your employer pays to insure you. If you are uninsured, you need to consider whether you can afford the risk of an injury in soccer that requires surgery and missing work.
You must file your claim within 90 days of the injury. It costs absolutely nothing to file a claim. We would recommend you file the claim if you have an injury adequately serious to require a visit to the doctor or hospital. Your coverage may not pay for a knee brace or you may accumulate co-payments under the primary coverage that could be covered.
One item to be aware of. Generally, this coverage is for doctor and hospital type treatment. However, it also provides for some coverage for dental-type injuries. Therefore, if you discover you’ve accidentally left a couple of teeth in someone’s skull, this will provide up to $ 500 of coverage for that treatment. Unfortunately, that type of dental treatment is somewhat pricey, but this provides some assistance. 


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