Explanation of changes to the ASL coed divisions for fall 2022 and spring 2023

Now that we’ve been back in operation for a full year of competition, it’s time to finally make some radical changes to the way the coed divisions are organized and the competition played. 

We’ve got several competitive balance problems and are playing a two season competition that probably made sense when we started this in about 1987 or so and there’s no compelling reason to keep that in place.  When we started we simply patterned after the men’s competition and when the league was organized in the 1970s they patterned it after European professional soccer.

So, step one, here is a link to the 2021-2022 composite standings that I keep on the web page through the spring season simply because of the nature of the registration system we use through the web site vendor and I have to manually track them.

What we’re going to do is go from two “too big” division to four small division.  I have split the divisions up based on both the standings and teams I’m pretty comfortable are not coming back.  With this change, who knows.  Nonetheless, what I’m starting from in the four division is also now posted out there and here’s the link to that.  I will also post this in the link for people who don’t share with their players or open my email.

Here's how it’s going to work:

· We will have much smaller division so most everyone will play everyone else.  No one will have a story that they didn’t play the bad teams or didn’t play the good teams. I discover there are no shortage of stories as to why I should never depend on the actual game results to determine who good a team is and that every team is bad or really bad and needs to be in third division even though they won all their games.

· Fall season is fall season.  That’s it.  We’ll figure out awards to give and then we’re done.

· Spring season is spring seasons.  That also is it. We’ll figure out awards to and then we’re done.

· At the end of the fall 2022 season, the top two teams in the new 2nd, 3rd, and 4th division will move up for the spring season and the bottom two teams in each of those division will move down.  That’s not a subject for negotiation.  Over the course of those two seasons, we’ll get a much more clear picture of who should be where and a more balanced competition.

· Whether we continue mandatory promotion and relegation beyond the next two seasons is something to consider.

· New teams either enter 2nd division or 3rd division.  You work your way down to fourth division.  You work your way up to first division so we can avoid fixing the schedule after someone loses their first three games in first division and disbands.

It’s that simple.  The teams getting pummeled in the bottom of second and third division will now have their competitive level and we can get a much more clear picture of relative strength of teams and people will probably enjoy playing competition games at their own skill level.

I’ll set up the extra two divisions and assign teams based on the schedule I’ve posted.



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