No Fall Classic this year

We’re taking a one year hiatus and will not be staging the Fall Classic this year. We’ve got several issues leading to this. First we don’t have the people to run the tournament and I’m not going to do it by myself. Next, we do not appear to have enough referees to cover the entire weekend. We share the complex with Duke City Soccer League for that weekend and virtually every game requires a 3 referee crew. The younger players who play small sided play the weekend before and only need one referee for their games. Right now, we don’t have enough referees certified that I can be sure that we can cover all of the games of the combined tournaments. Adding to that, Paul Quan, the long time Mr. Referee in youth soccer, passed away last month. Paul took over assigning duties for this weekend a few years ago and was able to get all of the games for both tournaments covered when we had an adequate number of referees. We don’t have any referee assignor set up yet to step into Paul’s shoes for this event or an adequate number of referees. 

We’ve got work to do on several fronts and hopefully will be able to bring it back to play next year. 



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