How Do I Get to be a Referee?

How do I Become A Referee??

Because we’re affiliated with the United State Soccer Federation (“USSF”), we’re required to use USSF certified referees to officiate our games. In addition, it’s a standard provision of our liability insurance coverage that we’ll use properly trained and certified referees.
Click here and you can find out what referee clinics are schedule by our State Referee Committee at any given time.
In order to become a referee who is qualified to officiate adult soccer games, you have to complete an entry level referee course. Those courses are generally offered twice annually in Albuquerque by the New Mexico Soccer Referee Association.  Session are offered in late January or early February and in July and August. The reason for the timing is that we are required to use certified referee instructors (people certified to teach others how to referee) and virtually all of our instructors are also experienced referees. Hence, those referees will actually be officiating games during the season and unavailable to instruct. Also, during the fall season, with college and high school games being played Monday through Friday and youth and adult league games on Saturday and Sunday, there isn’t “down time” to allow us to schedule clinics during the season.
An entry-level course costs $75 to enroll in ($30 for the clinic, $45 to US Soccer to register) and is eight hours of online work before the clinic and 8 hours of classroom instruction and field work, followed by a 50 question exam on which you must score at least 75%.  There is no physical test for the entry level clinic. This is the time when you find out that your “learn by playing” method may not have made you quite as conversant in the Laws of the Game as you thought.  When you complete the clinic and pass the test, you get your handy little US Soccer referee patch.  Then you can go online or hit one of the local soccer stores to get your refereeing uniform. Yes, you should get a complete uniform. One way you garner respect in your officiating career is top show up looking sharp and professional, generally putting you ahead of the game.  Every year, you then pay $45 annually to USSF to renew your referee registration.
If you became a youth soccer referee at the Grade 9 level (to do small sided games), the NMSRA also offers "bridge" clinics that are one day clinics to fill in the additional information you need to upgrade from Grade 9 to Grade 8, which is the minimum level needed to do adult games.
Once you are certified, ASL uses a web-based self-scheduling system to enable you to schedule your game assignments around your own team’s schedule. There are certain limitations, since we don’t one you to get your feet wet by immediately scheduling yourself to officiate the top two teams in First Division.
In the Referee Information section, you’ll find a document called ASL Referee Procedures. That’s where you get all the details about what we expect in you officiating games and what we pay for your efforts.



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