ASL Game procedure Variations for the 2017 Summer Season

These variations from the league fall and spring rules are in effect for summer soccer.

Players in coed, over 30, over 40, 3 v 3 and 5 a side are not required to wear numbers on their uniforms.  They must wear the same color shirt.  Players in Sunday men’s and women's open division must wear numbered uniform shirts of the same color and the numbers must be different and professionally applied.  Taped or written on numbers are allowed.  No duplicate numbers or exchange of jerseys is allowed.

Game time rules for coed and Over 30 are 6;15 start times with a 15 minute grace period.  Games on Sunday all start at the time on the schedule.  There is no grace period.

For coed play, legally executed slide tackles are prohibited. They are to be punished by indirect free kick as dangerous play. A slide tackle implies participation of two opposing players on the ball. Falling down, a goalkeeper making a save, or a player sliding to keep a ball in bounds is not a slide tackle. If you do not enforce this rule, we have asked the teams to advise us and we will not pay you for officiating a game and ignoring the terms of your contract, which is to enforce the league rules

Rule differences for five a side soccer, the rules for the women’s over-40 division, and the number of players for coed teams are all included in the folder titled Team Representative Notebook. The number of players for coed is the same as fall and spring.

Because of the physical space between game fields Monday through Friday, it will be up to the referee at each field to determine whether the field is playable.  It may be a hurricane at Hoover and calm as can be at Montgomery.  If the game cannot be started, then we pay one half of the game fee.  If you start the game and play one minute so you can get your entire game fee, we’ll schedule a meeting with the executive committee of the league to address that.

Game fees for summer soccer are these:

Coed and over 30 - $30 per assignment regardless of center or AR

Over 40 women - $25 per game (no ARs)

5 a Side - $20 per game

Sunday men’s and women's open – same as fall and spring by grade level


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