Here's the short version of the new player registration and payment procedure

1. Submit your team application.  The league will accept it in short order and you can then work on your player roster.

2. Add players to the roster.

3. The player names will display in light pink until the league clears them to your roster.

4. We have separated out the annual player payment for national registration and insurance from the league fee.  That is $20 and every player must pay it once a year.  Every player in summer league must pay it.

5. The player goes to the front page of the web site on the right side and scroll down to the link that says Click here to pay your annual NMSSA Fee.  The player clicks and pays.  ASL is notified.

6. The player logs in to their player folder through your team and pays the ASL fee like we’ve always done.  ASL is notified.

7. Every day the league staff will download payments at 5 p.m. and clear players to your roster who have paid both the NMSSA fee and the ASL team fee.  If they are registering on a second team, we will have a record of that payment.  If they make the payment after Thursday, 5 pm they go into the next weeks clearance.

8. There is now a roster deadline of Thursday at 5 p.m. before your Sunday game when players must be registered for that game.  If their registration is not completed, they can register for the next game.  There are no exceptions.

The ASL registration fee for Sunday play at the complex is $80 and for Wednesday 7 v 7 coed is $50.  As described above, everyone will need to pay an annual fee of $20 for your national registration fee.


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