Who and What We Are - Winter 2020 Edition

We're starting something new with our first winter 7 v 7 soccer division. We'll play a 7 game schedule starting January 5 and going through February 16.  We've rented a full grass panel at Balloon Fiesta park and will work with our portable goals like we do during the summer over 30, 0ver 40 and women's open division play.

If you're an existing Fall 2019 ASL team, go to your Fall 2019 team folder, log in and submit your application there to preserve your roster.  If you are a new team, click here to go to the team application form.

We'll schedule one hour games at 10 am, 11 am, noon, 1 pm and 2 pm so we're gone before the sun goes down and hopefully start the day after the frost is gone.  That means it's a short 7 game schedule in one location, which means there aren't schedule requests.  The teams who play at 10 need to be there at 9:30 to set up a goal and net and the teams at 2 will take down a goal and net and return to the storage unit.  Michele will be at the field every Sunday to manage things and listen to your sad red card stories as well.

Here are the 7 v 7 rules for coed play.  Here are the rules for 7 v 7 men's and women's play.  They're only different because of the gender rules for coed that don't matter for men's or women's divisions.

If you played in the fall season the fee is $45.  If you didn't, the fee is $65.  If you're on Dynasty or Wolverines please email or call the office and ask us what the fee is since you never read this.  If you played in the fall you don't need to do the online waiver but you will need to do it to complete the online payment process.

There is one referee and no offsides so no need for ARs.  It's an Under 12 sized field.

Here's what you need to do to register a team.  You should find it very familiar.

  • Go to your fall 2019 team folder and log in
  • Click the link that says Apply NOW for Albuquerque SL Winter 2020 Season
  • That will take you to the application form that you need to complete and then we accept your application and....
  • It's just like fall and spring and summer season. 
  • Your players can pay online.
  • We need your fall passcards returned to use for winter.

We have a limited number of fields and in the fall season we had 8 divisions.  We have enough space to accommodate 40 teams right now and we've set up the application process with the same 8 divisions.  Therefore, as people submit team applications, as soon as a division gets to 4 teams, they've locked in their division and will get to play.  If, for example, 8 men's third division teams apply before we get to 40 teams, that's 8 men's third division teams that are going to play.  To the extent we can arrange more fields, we will.  The best way to assure your team gets to play is to go to your team folder right now and submit your team application instead of calling the office or emailing us with 50 questions.   There's no magic involved here.  When the Balloon Fiesta people can't accommodate any more teams, we'll close the application process down.


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