We Want to go to a tournament!! How do we find tournaments??

Most everyone seems familiar with the tournaments in New Mexico offered by the NM State Soccer Association, including the Fall Classic and Over-30 and Over-40 cups.  If not, you can find the information at this link.  NMSSA also helps stage a tournament in Silver cty in June.  We post entry information on the ASL web site as these tournaments come up.


First, an item of warning.  If you are heavily dependent on the USASA accident and liability insurance coverage we offer, you need to be aware of the fact that the insurance will only cover you for USASA-sanctioned tournaments.  In New Mexico, that includes the ones operated by NMSSA.  The Copper Cup in Phoenix is a USASA sanctioned tournament.  With the exception of the Silver Mug tournament in Las Vegas, virtually none of the tournaments in Las Vegas (Nevada, not New Mexico) are USASA sanctioned and are run by profit making enterprises.  That doesn’t mean they’re bad tournaments, it just means that they aren’t part of the organization that provides the insurance coverage.

With that information in mind, we have several shopping options.  Here is the link to the web site Soccer Tournament Directory that includes a listing of adult soccer tournaments.  They also have a Facebook page that includes references to other tournaments.


The Soccer Tournament Directory is apparently done by the Soccer New England magazine, which is a pretty legitimate organization.  They have a pretty decent listing by state and country as well:


Bearfoot Sports does a lot of small sided tournaments in Myrtle Beach, SC, which is a little unwieldy to get to and clearly isn’t a real beach like Tingley Beach and there info is here:


The USASA also posts member tournaments at their web site:


As you’ll see, SoccerResort is shooting at a fairly high income market with their offering.  Check with the office and see if the ASL jet is available to get you to their tournaments:


Your final option is to go through the USASA web site to check what may be offered by specific state associations that may not be listed.



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United State Adult Soccer Association

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