Very Important Information on Rosters and Player IDs for Spring season

We’ll attempt to make this brief.  The rules for checking into a game have changed from before the pandemic closed us down.  They seemed to work in the summer and fall and we’re making a significant change for the fall.  Most important is we are not delivering your roster to the referee.  There too many games spread out for that to work.

1. You must present your league roster to the referee before the game.  To print your league roster, log in to your team folder and look at the right hand side where there is a section called Team Links.  You want to print the item titled Print Additional Team roster.  That one is the roster for games, not the player data roster.  Bring it to your game and hand it to the referee.

2. If you cannot print a roster for whatever reason, our new office is open on Saturday, from 10 a.m. to noon and we can print your roster for you.  The office is at 3620 Wyoming NE, just north of Wyoming and Comanche.  We are in suite 116 on the north end of the building and go to left after you enter the door, under the stairs.


With the roster, your player must first be on the roster to play in the game.  We aren’t adjusting the rosters at all or writing anyone’s name in.  Your player must present a photo ID with their name and picture.  If you have old ASL passcards, those work just fine regardless of the team you were on.  They have your picture, DOB, and your name.  Yes, you can put a picture of it on your phone as long as the picture is legible.  No, showing the referee a Facebook page isn’t the same.  If your player is riding to the game with someone else, they still need to bring their ID.  No ID, no play.  That hasn’t changed.  If your team needs passcards, Michele can ake them, but not the night before a game.  Contact her for info.



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