How to read the referee payroll files


We post an Excel file with a summary of all game and referee activity for each game day for Sunday play, and a single file with each weekly update for the Wednesday coed league.

The first sheet lists all of the games scheduled by game number and division and the list of the officials reported by the center referee for that game. It is not tied to Arbiter. It is based on who showed up for their assignment. The second sheet is for sorting purposes and lists each referee by center, first AR and second AR to lead to the third sheet the lists all of the center referees separate from all of the ARS and indicates which game numbers were missing an AR.

The final sheet is the summary by game number, by referee in order to total each person’s pay for the week. There are columns for center assignments, for AR assignments, and for the extra $25 pay the center referee gets if he or she is missing an AR for the game. On the far right is a column indicating who is set up for EFT and who is paid by check. It also lists the dates payment is submitted for EFT, which means the pay actually clears the next day. If additional payments are made due to late reports coming in, additional pay dates are shown.

We also post a composite sheet that lists all of the pay dates for everyone for the season.


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