Players Looking for winter or spring teams - Nov 25

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Wednesday teams

Wednesday soccer is finished for the fall season

Sunday teams




Sara Samani, 30, womens and coed, loc rec level, recovering from surgery and haven’t played in a while, Maybe a fullback or left or right midfielder, I am just getting into it for the first time since I was 12.  575-551-8970  texting preferred  11 25

Deyna Alexandra Marroquin Medellin, 18, womens division, high level, defender, played since 7 years old  505-803-3545  texting ok  11 4



Jonathan Alanis, 31, mens and coed, Recreational to a lower division- new to ABQ, need to adjust to altitude, mostly looking to have fun and meet people. Position: Mid or Forward, High School and law school intramural lower division  480-352-5609  texting OK  11 25

Darren Escano, 30, mens division, mid or rec level, mid fielder, goalkeeper/ medio y portero, Experience: high school soccer, indoor soccer  505-920-8877  no texting please. Call and leave a message.  11 25

Bruno, 29, mens and coed, any level,  Defense or goalkeeper, I have played soccer for a long time and am looking to have some fun.   505-835-3449 texting OK  11 15

Robby Savery, 32, mens and coed, midfielder, college experience,  319-540-1336  texting OK  11 15

Caleb VanderVeen, 34, mens division, third division, haven't played regularly since I was young (AYSO) so div 3, Anything but GK, see above, in shape though, run regularly   269-330-6295 texting OK  11 3

Darven Escano, 30, men’s rec level, midfield and forward, played through high school and league soccer.  505-920-8877  no texting and calls between 5 and 8 pm please  10 10

Jacob Meyer, 28, men’s division, high level, Mid/ Forward, Experience: College Division 2,  (307) 660-7131  texting OK 10 10

Name:Tamim Erfanyar and Shukran Erfanyar, 16 and 17 year old brothers to play on the same men’s mid level team.  Tamim: forward (better), defender, attack midfield ( also better). Not a goalkeeper.  2 years of high school experience overseas in Central Asia. Good endurance.  Have good basic skills, committed to training and developing…..  Shukran:  left forward preferred.  6 years of league experience overseas in Central Asia. Good endurance. Also committed to training and skills development.  702 280 2372  texting OK  10 10

Barry Berenberg, 54, mens or coed, low rec level, Goalkeeper, Experience: My son plays keeper and trains with Savva Biller. I attend all of his trainings, assist with coaching, and run drills and warm-ups. I played an occasional pickup game in college.  505-515-5900  texting OK 10 5

Eddie Jaramillo, 41, Men's or coed third division, low rec level, Prefer midfield, right or left wing. Will play other positions except goalkeeper.  Experience:  10+ years, but have been out of the league for about 2 years due to having to travel for work. Back in Albuquerque full-time after October 2nd. Prefer a team that practices. For the most part I am looking to have fun, get back into shape and be somewhat competitive.   505-261-5971  texting OK  9 26

Juan Gonzalez, 23, men, first or second division, left back or left wing, played 6 years,  505-450-9948 texting OK  9 15

Andrew Fahey, 17, mens and coed, High School Coed and AYSO, Defender, 5 years experience,  (505) 639-8885  texting ok 9 18







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