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Players Looking







Daniel Gonzalez, m, 20, mens división, rec level, Defense or midfield, Played 4 years on my high school varsity team, 3 years for under 18 city league, 2 years in an adult league, and 3 years playing indoor.  (760)-927-9107  texting OK  6 19


Tony Frudakis, m, 51, mens and coed, high level, Left/Right winger, Left/Right back, Defensive Mid, Center Mid in that order,  11 years outdoor and indoor leagues (Florida, recently moved to ABQ)  941-348-7008  texting OK  6 17


Paul stevens, m, 31, coed, athletic, somewhat skilled, forward,  5 years adult league,  734 748 2562  texting OK  6 16 18


Vincent Nguyen, M, 25, mens and coed, rec level, any position except goalkeeper, played through college intramurals,  281-889-7841  texting OK  6 9 18


Ārmandö `Barça´ Jacobs, M, 21, mens and coed, competitive level, Defense, Mid-Field, Forward, Goalie (emergencies),  Playing for over 17 years, St. Pius X High Varsity (State Champ), Metro Clubs, 1st division, Premier Division 505-234-2342  texting OK  6 6 18


David Perez, m, 23, mens division, high level, any position but prefer midfield, played college soccer for TSJC,  505-610-8079  texting OK  5 11




Albuquerque Sol


New Mexico State Soccer Association

United State Adult Soccer Association

United States Soccer Federation