Players Looking for Fall 2019 Wednesday and Sunday Teams - September 11

To get added to the list, go to the Hints for Getting on a Team link above this one and send us the information on the form there.

Wednesday teams


Nathan Engquist, coed, 38, Competition level: I played in Rio Rancho leagues for a few years as a kid and coached girls varsity for a year.  I had some abdominal surgeries a couple of years ago so I’m not 100% anymore. I’d say I’m 80% now and 30 lbs heavier than I’d like to be. I do go to the gym regularly though so I can sustain jogs and runs up to a couple of miles.  forward preferred, midfielder ok, I really want to be at the lowest level first just to ensure my survival due to previous injuries. I’m super passionate about the game and I watch pro leagues worldwide whenever possible.   505.304.1473  texting ok 9 4

James Vigil, 33, looking to join Wednesday evening Co-Ed team for fall season. Plays all positions except goalie. Played at high school and college level.  505-908-1130  8 21

Sunday teams




Aziana Navarro, 17, womens division, any level of competition, midfielder been playing since 6 yrs old,  505-340-4164  texting OK  9 11

Giovonna r Martinez, 28, mid to high level, womens and coed, defense,mid, 12 years experience,  505-453-1766  texting OK  9 10



Andrew Fahey, 17, mens and coed, High School Coed and AYSO, Defender, 5 years experience,  (505) 639-8885  texting ok 9 11

Risun Jager, 36, mens and coed second or third division, Centerback, Fullback, Defensive Midfield, High school, Men's league in Roswell,  (575) -405-4214  Texting OK  WhatsApp is also welcome.  I am 6'0" and 205 lbs.  My biggest strengths are defensive positioning and passing touch.  Thank you!  9 11


Scott and Mark Barnes, 36, men and coed, want to play on same team, mid to high level, both play any field position, played 30 years.  505-410-3188 (Scott)  505-492-6363 (Mark) both texting OK  9 10

Manuel Romero, 19, mens division, competitive level,  right Mid, Forward, Middle School Soccer, High School Soccer  505-804-9337  texting OK  9 9

Will Snedigar, 16, mens division, any level, keeper or strikers, played 10+ years,       

505-908-7990  texting OK  9 5

Chris Miera, 32, mens and coed, rec level, played as a kid, not recently but I’m in good shape and eager to get back to speed.  Can play any position but goalkeeper.  720-666-7281  texting OK  9 5

Henry Sorto, 26, mens and coed, any level, midfield, forward,  Experience: ODP, NSL,  ​  832-373-9521  texting OK  9 5



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