Over 50 Wednesday soccer under the lights

We've starterd and, except for rainy days, we're going an blowing and then convening for post game training and tales of bravery and getting cheated out of our World Cup spot at Bosque Brewery and the Freight House post game.  

Simply put, it's pickup soccer.  We're registering players, not teams, and this message is going to all the men and women who are or will be 50 by June 1 of this year and have played in ASL in 2018.  If you're 50, that's all that matters.  If you know people 50 or older who have not been in ASL recently, we don't have them in the current data base so it would help our numbers if you'll pass this along.   If this gets critical mass, we'll continue in the summer and fall and start over with payment for another season.  We're including men and women in this, so if there aren't enough women to separate out to their own thing, we'll just play as on big happy family.

The soccer complex has reconfigured some of the fields to accommodate Under 12 play that fits perfectly into adult 7 v 7 play.  Realistically, with 8 lighted fields we can accommodate the demand we would anticipate by having sessions at 6:45 and 7:45 pm each Wednesday starting March 20.  The gates are open for coed play already and we're going to add Wednesday walking soccer, so we can make this pretty cheap.  Pickup soccer doesn't need referees, just a game manager and we'll have someone at the complex to check that you've completed your liability waiver and paid your fee ($25 for the season).  Instead of player passcards, our game manager will check to see that you're on the master roster and you show picture ID and that's it.  People can split up and we'll have pinnies to use and then everyone can retire to the Bosque Brewery to tell stories of grandeur about how you got cheated out of playing in the World Cup.

Registering is simple.  You tell us you want to play, we have a master team set up that will serve as the roster.  E mail us at aslsoc@swcp.com or aslsoccerstaff@gmail.com and we add your player profile in and if you've got an email address in your player profile, you can pay your $25 online and you're done, just like Sunday soccer.  You'll be able to see who has signed up simply by going to the team page. The team page is in the Teams link on the website and Wednesday night soccer.  If you've played in the fall season or are registered on a spring team, then you don't need to do an online waiver.  People new who are starting will need to set up a player profile and do the waiver.  We'll help with that.


While it's informal, it's real soccer so you need the proper equipment including shinguards and you don't wear jewelry per the FIFA rules.


Click here for the 7 v 7 rules



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New Mexico State Soccer Association

United State Adult Soccer Association

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