Looking to join a Team? Here's a Shortcut to Teams Looking for Players for the Fall 2019 Season - Sept 2

Note to ASL Team Reps:  Please e-mail us what you’re looking for at aslsoc@swcp.com.  In particular, number of players, gender if you’re coed, needs by position if that’s relevant to your recruiting and any specific info a potential player may need to know.  For contact info, bear in mind that everyone in the world can see this, so be wary of posting your work e-mail address or your work phone.  Please make sure that whoever is posted as the contact person is actually going to be responsive to queries from interested players.

FC Pompo 3rd division coed is looking for female players. Long history in league. Won the third division 2 years and looking to repeat. All positions are available and all skill levels welcomed. Contact Mateo at 505-263-9461  8 19

Dynasty women's 2nd division is looking for players for the fall season. Our team does practice during the week, so you need to be committed to practice and games  Ivette at ivecarbajal@gmail.com  8 16

Div3 Mens Cosmik Debris is recruiting for all positions. We are a team with long history and are looking to climb up the ranks this season. Registration and weekly pre-season practice (Sun AM) starts soon so please do not hesitate if interested.  We are looking for players with moderately to well developed skills, good attitude and pace.

Keeper - wanted

Defense - always welcome

Midfield (Center) - openings available

Midfield (Wings) - may be filled and we like having subs

Forwards - needed, looking for a great striker

We want to build a fairly deep roster (+ 6-10 players) so that we have subs and still have a cohesive lineup if someone can’t make every game. Commitment/attendance will assure that you are on starting lineup in position of choice.  Please contact for more information!  Michael 505 225 5074  8 13


Marvel coed division 3 is looking for female players.  Please text Dani 505-550-8674  8 9

Women’s Third division team Revolution is looking for players.  Contact Valerie at vluker65@gmail.com or 505-270-7382  8 9

Violet Femmes Women’s Third division needs women players to help celebrate the WWC victory tour.  Contact Peggy at pegrspencer@gmail.com or text 505-270-8914

New Mexico Football Club (2nd Division) is looking for players in all positions with experience. You can get in contact via email: geradbaca@gmail.com or text 505-429-4151.  8 4

Dynamics coed div c is looking for 3 female players.  Couples ok also. VVcall victor 505-239-9457,  txt ok or email victorpfa@gmail.com  8 5


Albuquerque Sol


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United State Adult Soccer Association

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