June 10 Update

Since the website was down several hours today we caught up on player clearances and posted our status of ASL and NMSSA payments here.  To be cleared to the game roster, all you've got to do is pay your ASL and NMSSA fee.  If you pay your ASL fee through your player folder, you automatically have to complete the online waiver so you don't have to do that separately.  

Player registration continues throughout the season.  However, rosters are closed at 5 p.m. two days before your game each week.

Here's the status of mask wearing for the summer season. People who have been vaccinated (including referees) do not have to wear a mask.  If people have been vaccinated and do want to wear a mask, they’re free to do that and the referees will be advised that even though the laws of the game do not consider a mask approved equipment, it will be for purposes of our play.  People who have not been vaccinated need to wear a mask.  Team managers are in charge of confirming the status of the members of their teams.

7 v 7 playing rules are here.  Some are relevant to coed only.

The Players Looking free agent list is open for business again.  Scroll down from here and the info is on the left side of the page under, cleverly enough, the heading that says Players/Teams Looking.  Email us your info and we'll get you posted.

All the information on the summer season is here.  We have made some significant modifications to the player registration system that will result in us not requiring passcards and will split your annual payment between the annual player affiliation fee that's paid once a year and the fee to actually be on an ASL team.   To read the short version of the new procedure, click here.  To read the long version that actually provides some explanation as to what and why, click here.  The player fees are in those locations.  We'd put them here but we're trying to force you to read the information you need to know on how to pay them as well.  Also, you can scroll down on the left to Current Season Info and see the daily posting for people who have paid their ASL fee and people who have paid their NMSSA fee.

We're working to get the over 50 scrimmage group back together.  Stand by while we work that out.  We're looking to have the first game at an apparently unused field in Manchester England, then move around to Madrid (NM) and other world famous cities......

We have closed and moved out of our office and no longer have a phone or a physical location for the time being.  Fortunately Sam and Michele are still helping, so if you need to contact us, email us at aslsoc@swcp.com or aslsoccerstaff@gmail.com





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