January 15 Update

Wanna go see the NM Runners play arena soccer.  Next home game is January 22. Go here for the schedule and ticket info.

Want to help get soccer played at APS elementary schools?  Click here for some information on what's being done and who to contact to either get your kids or school involved and most important to volunteer to help with this program.  The idea is to make this affordable and local to the schools.

The registration portal and the NMSSA payment link are both open again.  Registration for this week closes at noon on Friday.

We're playing the winter season.  Click here  for details. We'll play Sundays at Balloon Fiesta park like we did in 2020.  We may need to move one February game day to the complex where they'll probably still have the road torn up. 

The online player payment system is open again for player registration for the winter season.  You pay your ASL fee through your team folder and if this is your first registration since we started play again in the summer, we now collect National and insurance fees separately through NMSSA.  The NMSSA payment link is here

The Teams Looking for Players link is open again.  If your team is shopping and don't want to blow your entire budget on Ronaldo, send us your wish list and we'll post it here.

To be cleared to the game roster, all you've got to do is pay your ASL and NMSSA fee.  If you pay your ASL fee through your player folder, you automatically have to complete the online waiver so you don't have to do that separately.  

Important items that will be a problem later that no one told you:

  • We will no longer reschedule games in the fall and spring season.  The city has removed goals at Arroyo del Oso and Lynnewood parks where we played those games and we have no other field options as the complex is filled with tournament play the two weeks after our fall season completes and three weeks after our spring seasons is complete.
  • In the fall and spring season for Sunday a player may only play on one mens team, one womens team and one coed team.  Hence, a player may not play on two men's teams, two women's teams or two coed teams.  The summer rules are different. A player may play on a Sunday coed team and a Wednesday coed team.

The Players Looking free agent list is open for business again.  Scroll down from here and the info is on the left side of the page under, cleverly enough, the heading that says Players/Teams Looking.  Email us your info and we'll get you posted.



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