General info around ASL soccer nation - January 13

the team application process is open for Spring 2020.  For general information, click here.  If your team played in Fall 2019, log in to your team folder to submit your application there to preserve your history and roster.  If you're a new team, click here to go to the new team application.

Let's group all the winter division info here:

The Winter division fee goes from $45 to $25 on Monday January 27.  Click here to go to the information page on Winter Soccer.  You need to scroll past the Spring 2020 info now.

Here are directions to get to the correct parking lot at Balloon Fiesta Park and the facility layout.  We're on Panel D3.  Please go in via Balloon Fiesta Parkway on the very north end of the park.  Take San Mateo north off Alameda to almost the end and turn west and you'll head into the east parking lot.  Gates should be open by 9 a.m. each game day.  Please do not park in the Sid Cutter Pilot's Pavilion parking lot.  If there are balloon activities going on the pilots and their crews need to park there.


USSF has substantially changed how you become a certified referee in 2019 and forward.  We've updated the Referee section with the story on that, all of which you can do from the warmth of your house.  Click the Referee link above this section and you'll get the details.

We've got players looking to connect with winter division teams so if you need extras check the players looking link below.

Go here to see the ESPN FC video story on NM United.

If you want to get on our free agent list, click here for details.

If your team needs players, click here for info on getting posted on our Teams Looking List.



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