Information on fields for games and practice

July 2021 update

Updated July 2021

The Leagues use soccer fields under user permits with the City of Albuquerque and are members of the Southwest Youth Soccer Corporation, which operates the New Mexico Soccer Tournament Complex on Santa Ana tribal property near Bernalillo.

Soccer Fields in the City of Albuquerque
The City of Albuquerque has a joint operating agreement with Albuquerque Public Schools to enable the City to schedule use of certain APS fields, generally elementary and middle school fields. It does not cover fields at high school fields.  If you wish to use a high school field for practice, you have to arrange that directly with the school.  No private school fields such as Albuquerque Academy or Sandia Prep are part of the agreement between the City and APS.
It is against the law to bring alcohol to any city or school field. Two exceptions are Bullhead Park and Los Altos Park, both of which have softball facilities. It is also against the law to bring glass containers.  Also pleae note if you're using an APS school field, they prohibit pets on campus.  
All artifical turf fields at APS high schools are off limits and not available to rent.
Right now we do not use City or school fields got game fields in the fall and summer seasons.  Also, be aware that the city is in a process of removing the permanant steel goal posts at fields such as Arroyo del Oso.  As of this update, goals are gone at ADO and Lynnewood, two fields we used, and at Oso Grande, a field used by youth soccer.  To the extent we grow back to needing such fields or for summer play, we'll figure out what to do..
The New Mexico Soccer Tournament complex is the location for the bulk of our fields. Directions and the field layouts can be found under the tab under Soccer Field Info. The NMSTC is effectively owned by two soccer organizations: Albuquerque Soccer League and Duke City Soccer League. The annual operating budget is about $400 thousand dollars. We pay for that based on rental agreements among the owners, gate charges, and rent for special events. We have no sugar daddy to fall back on. We also have no interest by the City in building a 22 field complex in the middle of the City of Albuquerque, so this is the best we’ve got and we don’t have to worry about being kicked off for anyone else.
Alcohol and pets are prohibited at the NMSTC. Please leave your dogs and beer at home.
For the time being, we’re still dependent on portable toilets and you need to bring your own water. 
Please note this change: every week, the field manager at the NMSTC will survey the team areas after each game and report back on what teams left trash. We’ll send your team a nice little $25 bill for that, as we get to pay extra for trash pickup at the complex. As we can determine exactly who left the trash, we’ll use a direct funding approach at that location.

Important general information from the parks and rec department:

  • The have a manager on duty 7 days a week.  The phone number for that person is 505-224-6682.
  • It is the responsibility of the team to maintain order with such things as parking and trash pickup.  There is no magic trash fairy that comes at night and picks up the water bottles and dirty socks you left at the field.  
  • Practice does not mean full field scrimmage.
  • If there's a problem with the field you're at (sprinkler malfunction, holes, something in need of repair) call 311.  That really is the best way to get it to the right people.
  • If you've got a problem with sprinklers being on when reasonably they shouldn't be, call the city at 505-382-5926 and leave a message if there's no answer.  If it's an APS field, call them at 505-975-0077.  The city has built fields on school property so they are still a city field if the have the standard wooden sign with the field name, so call the city if you're got a problem on those fields, such as the baseball fields at Grant MS.


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