Fall 2023 Guest Player Rules

Fall 2023 Guest Player Rules

Teams may use guest players under these terms.  All guest players must be registered with ASL.  Grabbing a person on the sideline is not a guest player.

If you do not have enough players for this Sunday on your roster, you have two options. You can forfeit. If the other team agrees to a double header later in the season and you let me know by Thursday evening, I will coordinate a make up game later in the season. It will have to be a double header.

OPTION 2: Guest Players!

  1. Guest Players: Teams may use guest players who are registered with ASL. Only players on the game roster can participate. 
  2. Nomination of Guest Players: If a team expects a player shortage, they can nominate up to three guest players per game. These players must be registered on another ASL team, have no fines, and not be under suspension. A one player can only guest play three times per season and only once for a specific team.
  3. Notification to the league office is required by noon on Saturday before Sunday games. Cards received while guest playing count toward their season penalty points. Guest players are removed from the roster on Monday.

Basically, let us know whom you would like on your roster by NOON on Saturday and we will add them. You will print your roster after they are added and you can use up to 3 people in one game. You CANNOT reuse the same person again.

Option 3. At game time the two teams playing in a game may agree to allow players from one team to play on the opposing team so long as those players are on the roster of the team agreeing to provide players to their opponent.  The team allowing their players to play on the opposing team shall note on the roster submitted to the referee which players will participate in that game on the opposing team.  The teams do not need to notify the league.  They only need to advise the referee.  If, after your team allows your players to guest play on the other team, your team loses you don’t get to file an appeal. 


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