Who and What We Are - Summer Edition - May 16 - we're rebuilding some of this so stay tuned

Who and What We Are – Summer Edition 

Albuquerque Soccer League offers men’s, women’s and coed competitions. We are affiliated with the New Mexico State Soccer Association, the United States Adult Soccer Association and the United States Soccer Federation.

More important is what we’re not. We’re not the English Premier League or La Liga. We’re an amateur recreational soccer league comprised of people who play for exercise and to have fun and generally have to get up go to work after a weekend game. If you have players who decided to play here instead of joining Ronaldo at Real Madrid, your player is misguided and needs to play elsewhere. We have a low tolerance for people who show up to fight, riot and abuse and assault referees or other players.

During the summer we offer 7 v 7 coed soccer on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, 7 v 7 women's over 30 soccer on Thursday evenings, men’s 7 v 7 over-35 soccer on Thursday, and men’s and women’s open competition and women’s over-40 on Sundays.  

If you skipped it on the front page, go here for an explanation of the changes to the player registration system now that we have no office.  For those of you won't go read that and prefer to be surprised, the annual fee to NM State Soccer association is $20.  Everyone pays that annually, meaning this season for those of you playing summer.  Then you don't pay it again until next summer. The ASL registration fee is $75 for men's division, and $50 for all the coed and other divisions.

To play coed and men’s and women’s open, a player must be at 16 years old on the date on which they register.  This is not a youth soccer league.  For Over-30, Over-35 and Over-40 competitions, the player must have reached their 30th, 35th, or 40th birthday on the date they register.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday coed leagues and Women's Thursday Over 30 are played at the Balloon Fiesta park and if we need overflow for men's Over 35 we're looking at another location in the city.  We are not using lighted fields, so we'll have two games each weeknight, the first at 6 pm and the second at 7 pm.  Teams for 6 pm games need to be at park by 5:30 as each team is required to set up one goal and net.  Teams for 7 pm games must knock down and return their goals and net to the storage unit under Michele's watchful eye.

We're again offering a women's 7 v 7 open division on Sunday mornings after the women's over 40 division at the same fields.

Important things to do register your team for the summer season:

  1. Submit your team application. If you’re an existing team from spring 2020 or summer 2019, do this from your team folder. If you are a new team, do it from the link in the article on the front page of the web site. There is no team application fee for summer soccer.  All player fees will be submitted either through the online payment system or in person at the office.
  2. Get enough players to have a team. Please don’t assume that we have a bunch of extra players to fill out your roster and especially please don’t assume we have five women looking for a coed team at any point in time.
  3. Do not pay for another player's registration fee.  If they do not pay you back, that is an issue between the two of you.  We only do refunds to the person whose name is on the passcard.
  4. We have space for 40 coed teams on Sunday and 16 each on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  When it’s full, that’s it.  You hit the waiting list in hopes that someone drops out.  We have space on Thursday for 8 women's over 35 teams and 8 men's over 35 team.  The city advises that there are three Sundays that the Balloon Fiesta park is not available and we'll move games to the soccer complex on those days.  
  5. We are not separating teams out for upper and lower competition levels in coed soccer in the team application process.  Based on your track record as an existing ASL coed team, we will group the good teams together and the teams who still have potential to be good together.  If your team is new, we will request a roster of your players and their experience when you submit your team application.  As a bit of advice, the more you try to sell us on how bad your team is, the less persuasive your story gets.

Dates to Remember

We want you to complete your player registration as soon as possible. We’ve discovered that setting arbitrary dates for arbitrary numbers of players to be entered in your team folder (further information in the Registering Players link on the left) is somewhat pointless. Hence, we monitor the activity in your player folder. We begin putting the schedule together starting May 20. If there has been no activity in you assembling player records and no players have been paid for, we are going to contact you to see if you really have a team, as including a phantom team in the schedule causes a lot of problems. If you are one of those teams, and particularly if you are a new team, we’re going to be very pushy about you moving the process forward.

Start dates:

  • Sunday coed and men's and women's open Sunday play - June 6
  • Weeknight coed June 7
  • Women Over 30 and men over 35 June 10


Three Important Steps to Register a Player

  1. Complete the player record in the team folder. If it is not complete and ready to print a passcard, which means including a picture. Directions are on the right in the link titled Creating Player Profiles
  2. The liability waiver is part of the online payment system now and all player payments are required to be made online.  We no longer have an office so there is no in person payment or registration.
  3. Pay your player registration fee. Everyone can go online and pay by credit or debit card. If you don’t have one, go to Smiths and Walgreens and get one and use it. You don’t need to come to the office.

Extremely Important Information You Should Know

  1. It is the team rep's job to set up a folder for each player and post the player's personal information (address, DOB, phone, e-mail) and a picture of the player. If your team wants to pay Michele or Sam to assist you, the going price is $50 for them to set up your roster once and see that payment is properly completed online. You can contact them at aslsoccerstaff@gmail.com
  2. If you have a coach who is not a player, the coach must have a coach passcard issued by the office with the coach’s picture and name. If a person claims to the referee that he or she is the coach and has not provided the referee with the league-issued passcard, the person will be considered a fan and any incident will be dealt with under the league rules for fan misconduct.
  3. Refund information is in a separate link on the left.
  4. A player must be 16 years old or older on the date of player registration. There is no shortage of youth soccer leagues around town.
  5. Players who owe the league fines from previous seasons and have not completely served game suspensions must do so prior to playing. 
  6. If you have a sponsor paying your registration, please let us know. Otherwise, you pay when you register or you don’t register
  7. Men’s and women’s open division require numbered uniform pursuant to the same rules of the fall and spring season.  We do not require numbered uniforms for coed, over-30, over-35, or over-40.



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