Team and Player Registration Information for the Spring 2020 JCC 4 v 4 Saturday Afternoon Coed Division

To register a team, do this:

ASL will manage the rosters and referees for the JCC league.  Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to submit your team application to ASL by clicking this link.  When we accept your team application, you go to our website and click the Teams link here.  You can then log in to your team folder by clicking the link in the upper right of your team folder and requesting a PIN.  To populate your roster, click here and go to the General Info column on the right for more information.

If your players have played in ASL after September, 1, 2019, your player has paid their annual fee to NM State Soccer Association to cover their insurance and national affiliation fees.  If not, then your player needs to pay ASL $20 for a year’s membership in NMSSA.  We’ll keep track of that separate from ASL league registration so the player doesn’t pay it twice.

ASL will produce player passcards and deliver those and rosters weekly to the JCC for use on Saturday afternoons.  To make this work, the weekly registration deadline is close of business Thursday at 2 pm.

To Register your players with JCC:

Once you’ve set up your ASL team folder and added players to the roster, then go to the JCC site here and scroll down to register as an athlete.  That means you’re on an ASL roster.  You pay directly to the JCC for your registration with them.

If you’d like to get on a team:

Unlike the ASL leagues, the JCC will maintain the free agent list.  Click here to go to the free agent list at the JCC website.


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