Creating Your Player Profiles and Populating Your Roster

Individual Player Registration Instructions

Good news. We’ve shortened this considerably.


When you submit a team application through our web site, as soon as we accept it your Team Folder is created in our system. In order to access your Team Folder, go to the ASL website, and click the Teams link on top. You will see a list of the current teams in the season for which you're registering. Click your team’s name and your login page will popup. Enter your email address and PIN and you are in your Team Folder.


Click Roster from the front page of your Team Folder. Your roster wil start blank.  It will offer you into various roster options.

We basically have three kinds of players we can add to our roster. Let’s make our roster first, then we’ll tell you how to make passcards and complete registration.

  1. Players who have played on your team before
  2. Players who have played in ASL before but not on your team
  3. Players who have not played in ASL at all and need to have a player record set up

One very important note: If you have a player who has a player profile record you are going to add to your roster, and a field in that record has in capital letters "Owes $$" or Owes Money," that's not an accident, typo, or coding error. In means the player has an outstanding fine and or bond that must be settled with the league prior to the player registering to play again. Do not, under any circumstances, remove that tag from the player record. If the player registers and the fine is not paid, you have an ineligible player on your roster and the league rules provide for a one year suspensions for both the player and team rep when you get caught. This applies to any thought of getting around this by creating a new player record. We will catch up eventually.


Adding players who have played on your team before

If you are a team who has been in ASL for more than one season and you have retained your team name by submitting your tam application through your team foldere, then your “player pool” of players follows you across season.

Click Add Returning Player, which means we’re going to look for a player who has played on your team before. That means there is a player record and picture already set up and this will be real simple. It also means you can select multiple players with one click in this function. Click the player names that you wish to include on this season’s roster.

That’s how you populate your roster of if you are an existing team and want to include people who have played on your team.


Players who have played in ASL before but not on your team

Click the link that is titled Add Returning Players.


This offers you two kinds of options.

First is to search for an “Existing Player.” This means someone who has a player record in the system and has played in ASL before. Please do this rather than setting up a new record for the player. So this is the option we want for someone who has played in the league before.


Enter the player’s last name, and their first initial. This should be good enough to get a list of people pretty close to who you’re looking for. For example, if you enter Edwards and M, you get a whole bunch of Mike Edwards. They appear to be the same guy, so click Add for the one showing a date of birth, an ID number, and you can click the blue Teams link and see what teams Mike Edwards played on to make sure you have the right one. Then click Add on the left and you have added that player record to your roster. Simple as that.


Players who have not played in ASL before at all


Here’s where we actually produce a new player record. You need the following player information:




Date of birth

e-mail address




And you will need a clear picture of the player in .jpg format, no hat, no sunglasses, their face so a reasonable person can see what they look like. And at the risk of stating the obvious, it should be a recent picture that looks like them, not them 3 months old on a bear skin rug no matter how cute they were. Or are. The picture should be less than 140 x 180 pixels. You can crop and resize the photo with mot any photo editing program.


So, with that, here is the process, and it’s fairly simple, to set up a player record the first time.


Click Create a New Player. If you are going to do multiple players, you can click that link. It will not let you complete the entire record, but you can enter multiple players and then go back to each individual record to finish it out.


Because this was designed for compulsive youth soccer coaches, it has more information boxes than we need, as we really don’t care how tall you are or how much you weigh since we don’t want to tell you how much we weigh.


Enter the player information above. We need all of the information entered. In the upper right, it asks for an ID number. The program will assign one. You don’t need to enter one.


When you have entered the alphanumeric info, click save. This requires a second step to upload the picture.


You will now have a player record without a picture.


In the player roster, click the green + sign on the left to open the player record. Now we’ll upload a picture.


The player record is open again. You will see a blank in the lower right with a green link titled Upload Player Photo. Click that.


You will now see a box that lets you browse files to select the player’s photo you have. It also provides direction on the photo size. Select the file, and click upload.


You should now have a completed player record and the player passcard can be produced.


A few things to bear in mind:

  • Removing a player from your roster by deleting them does not remove them from the data base. It only removes them from your folder.
  • You cannot upload a player picture until you have entered the player’s personal information and saved it. After you have entered their information, either resave or reopen the player record. You will see a green link in the lower right corner of the player record that says “Upload Player Photo.” Click this link and you will see a box with instructions on uploading the player picture.
  • If your player is “displeased” with their photo and actually believes a new picture might reflect better on his or her self-esteem, simply load another picture over the existing picture or have your player get cosmetic surgery.

What if the picture won’t load?


Because this is a system that uses something called ‘code,” sometimes it doesn’t work right for reasons no one can explain. Send the picture to Mike at or the office staff at and the name of the person in the picture. We log in at a higher level of access and for unknown reasons we can usually make it load.



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