Fall 2018 Player Registration Fees

For Sunday play, the fall season only fee is $75.  That means you then pay $75 to play in the spring 2019 season.  For players who wish to pay for both fall and spring, we do that for $145.  In order to do that online, the office staff will need to adjust the payment amounts in your team folder.  Please let your team rep know so we can get a list of all of the people who wish to do this and provide us one list to make the adjustments at the same time.  If you have paid for both, you will have a fall 18 and spr 19 sticker on your passcard.  Please make sure we did your card right when you get it, not in the spring when you're pretty sure you must have paid for both. 

For Wednesday play, a player who is also registered and paid on a Sunday fall 2018 team pays $55.  A player who is not registered on a Sunday fall 2018 team pays $75.

For directions on how to pay, click here.


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