August 7 update

We're starting to post the list of players who have signed waivers.  Scroll down to Current Season Info on the right and it's a link in there.  We'll update daily through August.  When the player completes the waiver it sends the player a confirmation email that the player can also provide you as proof.

The third of three entry level referee clinics for the fall season is scheduled for Sunday, September 9, at the Referee Training Center in Albuquerque.  That's also the day of our first games, so it's primarily designed for Duke city Soccer league referees but is open to all.  For general information on becoming a referee, click here.  To preregister for the clinic on September 9, click the link in the Calendar of Events further down this page.

The fall team application system is open.  Click here for information on the league in general and the fall season info. If you're interested in our Wednesday coed division, click here for more information on that competition. If you are entering an existing team in the league, please go to your team folder for the spring or summer and submit your application through your folder so you can preserve your team history and roster.  If you discover you forgot to do that and clicked the "new team" link here, email us and we can void that and you can start over.  If you have a new team to the league, click here for the Sunday team application form or click here for the Wednesday coed team form.

The NM State Referee Committee has set up three entry level referee clinics leading to the fall season.  Dates are July 28, August 4, and September 9.  These are full day clinics that require some online training prior to the clinic.  We continue facing a critical shortage of referees and need everyone's help in recruiting.  We'll be contacting the entire league membership for the last couple of years via Survey Monkey this week to do some direct recruiting of potential referees and people willing to help in recruiting.  For more information and the signup links, scroll down to the events calendar and open the story on each of the three clinic dates.

If you're paying in the online registration system someone still needs to come to the office to pick up your player passcard.

The fall season free agent list is open and posting are being updated daily.  If you're interested in getting in, scroll down to the articles on the left under the Players Looking heading.

To submit your individual player online payment, click here.

To complete the online liability waiver, click here.  We're starting fall season so our annual waiver period is up and everyone needs a new waiver for the fall 2018 anyone still new to the league in the fading hours of the summer season.....


Message from city parks and rec:  Please do not play any form of soccer on city tennis courts.  Staff will be visiting tennis courts at various times to check for soccer, or any other sports, using tennis courts.  If any teams are found, they will be asked to identify their team name, coach name, and league and asked to leave the tennis courts immediately.  You will then be contacted regarding your team not abiding by the terms of usage set forth within the Usage Agreement. 




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