How to Transfer a Player Updated September 2021

The transfer process is basically a player "registration."  If you are on a men’s or women’s team and want to join a coed team, that’s not a transfer.  That’s a second registration and you register and pay the same way you did the first team.
Transferring involves being dropped from the team you are on and registering on a new team.  Here are the rules:
  1. You must notify current team representative and the ASL office in writing.  This is a courtesy so the team representative knows you’re leaving and also resolves any issues of you owning that person money or a uniform.  If you do not owe that person anything, USSF rules require an amateur player to be released on request.
  2. You pay a $10 transer fee online.  You do not need to come to the office
  3. If there is a dispute between you and your old team representative, then the League officers will resolve the dispute.
  4. You are only allowed to transfer through the middle of the season.  In the fall, this entire process must be completed by the Saturday prior to the Fifth game.  In the spring, this process just be completed by the Saturday prior to the Fourth game.
  5. You may transfer between the Fall Season and Spring Season and are not required to sit a game.  if you transfer during the Fall Season or during the Spring Season, you must sit the first game following the completion of the transfer.  That means we remove you from the roster for the game after you complete the transfer process.  If you elected to sit out the game before you brought the paperwork in, that was your decision.  It doesn’t count for the game you sit after completing the transfer.
  6. Your penalty points follow you.  if you have two yellow cards with the old team and get a third yellow card with the new team, you’re suspended for a game.


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