ASL Appeals Information - Fall 2021

Here’s how the protest process works in ASL. If you wish to have action taken because you believe you have unfairly been booked for misconduct, this is the process you follow. You’re free to call and complain or e-mail and complain. However, filing a protest and appearing before the League Appeals and Disciplinary Committee is the only way you get action taken, as your peers review your case and make a decision.  Be aware the filing an appeal does not mean you automatically win and get your card overturned. For the fall and spring seasons, the following steps must be taken be close of business, 2 p.m., on Wednesday following a Sunday game.  For summer season, because we play games six days a week, the appeal just be filed by the close of business no later than three days after the game was played.
  • Submission of written appeal
  • Submission of $50 appeal fee

If these steps are not completed, you have not filed an appeal and there will not be a hearing.  The misconduct report will stand.  You do not need to see the referee report in order to file an appeal and the deadline will not be extended if the referee has not completed the game report by the deadline.

Please note this important change adopted by the Executive Committee.  If a player is sent off, and that player refuses to leave and causes the game to be terminated, the league will not accept an appeal of the red card.  In addition, the player will receive an additional 3 game suspension beyond the original red card suspension and be fined $100 in addition to any fine levied for the red card.  The individual player's actions result in at least 21 other people not playing a game and we've reached our limit on the number of these events happening in the last two seasons.

For the fall and spring seasons, the Appeals and Disciplinary Committee will convene an A&D Committee at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday to review protests that have come in during the week. For the summer season, they will convene at 10 a.m. on Saturdays.  The Vice President oversees the hearings but will not vote at all. 
We will report on the results of the hearings on the web page posting of red card fines and suspensions, 
The appointment of the A&D Committee is spread to all teams in the League. Any team can have a representative in the pool of people we contact to convene a three member hearing panel each week.  
We have encouraged the referees to follow USSF rules and properly report referee abuse incidents. Those are any case in which a player or team manager curses at, threatens or otherwise directs foul or abusive language at the referee. Those events are under the jurisdiction of the New Mexico State Soccer Association, who will be dealing quickly with any of those reports. The protocol required of the United States Soccer Federation in both referee abuse and referee assault calls for the referee to report the incident within 24 hours to both the state association president and the state referee administrator. Referee abuse calls for a minimum three game suspensions and $50 fine. That suspension is automatic. We will forward a letter advising you of the suspension and you can request a hearing on the report. In the alternative,you can invest $ 300 and appeal the action to the USSF. NMSSA rules also provide that NMSSA can require a player to post a bond to continue playing and that the player can be fined for conduct.


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