And now we're offering Wednesday 7 v 7 rec coed at the complex for springtime

We’ll be offering a new coed soccer division for spring 2019.  Since we added lights to the additional soccer complex fields about ten years ago, we’ve offered a Wednesday night soccer division during September and October in the fall and late March to early May in the spring.  We’ve played 11 v 11 and ranged anywhere from 6 to 12 teams and have had space for 16 teams.  We’ve never had enough teams to break into a rec and competitive division, which has tended to result in rec level teams not sticking around for long.  So we’ll try a different twist for rec soccer starting this spring.

Because we’ve reconfigured fields with the expansion of small sided soccer for youth soccer, we’re going to try something different going forward for this spring season Wednesday coed and offer a 7 v 7 division like we play for over 30 in the summer.  Games will start on March 20.  We’ll also have over 50 soccer and walking soccer going on Wednesday nights on a 7 v 7 format, so we’ll have plenty of fields.  We’ll play two game times each night, 6:45 and 7:45 pm, so we still finish around 9.  The player fee is $40 for players who have registered in ASL last fall or this spring.  Players who have not need to pay the annual USSF fee have to collect for $20 and will make them a returning player when they register for summer soccer. 

You only play on one team for this, meaning a player doesn’t get to play on a team at 6:45 and at 7:45.

To be in the rec division, we’ll require that you provide a roster to eliminate the sandbaggers.  If we have adequate interest, we’ll continue the 11 v 11 play we currently do.  How that works depends on who wants to play and the competitive level of the team.

The link to sign up your team is here.  Let me know if you have any questions.  We’ll look to lock things down and issue a schedule March 14 so that’s basically your deadline for a team application and roster.


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