Office Hours and Information

The Albuquerque Soccer League office is located at 1820 San Pedro NE, Suite 6, back near the corner of the two wings.  It is the first turn bay north of San Pedro and Constitution on the east side of the street.
Phone:  505-346-0831
FaX - call us at 34-0831 and let us know you're going to fax us.  Since no one faxes anymore we saved money by taking out the second line and we can hook up the machine again.
e-mail Mike -
e-mail office staff -
Office hours:
10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Thursday
Closed Friday
10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday.except the Saturday before the first game of the fall season and the first game of the spring season
During the playing season, we are open Thursday evenings from 5:30 to 6:30
Between the Fall Classic tournament and the beginning of February, we are not open on Thursday nights.  We close the entire week of Thanksgiving and two weeks around Christmas.
On occasion, the office staff or volunteers are there on Friday catching up on business or dropping off or picking up things.  That doesn’t mean we’re open for registration.  Please don’t "drop by" and please do not send your players or your kid or spouse to the office on Friday to do your business.  We’re not open for business.
You can pay your registration fee by cash, check or credit card.  You can pay online through the team folder.  You still need to have a passcard amde and picked up at the office.
Our office staff generally consists of our office managers, Michele and Samanthai during the week, Mike Edwards on Thursday night, and Michele and Samanth on Saturday.  Michele and Samantha are often hungry in the middle of the day.  During the crunch of preseason registration that most of you postpone until the last possible minute, we have some extra volunteers come to help.  Otherwise, that’s it.  If you’d like us to hire more staff, we’d be happy to do so.  Just let us know how many people you want and we’ll raise your registration fee to cover it.  Otherwise, please note that this isn’t a 24/7 operation.
If someone is standing at the counter at the office, we’re going to wait on them first.  Hence, if you call on the phone and no one answers, it’s likely that someone is being taken care of in person.  Please leave a message and someone will call you back.  Please do not do like Frank Lechel and call again every minute until someone answers.  Also, you don’t need to let us know what time it is and that no one answered.  We already know that.
We check e-mail throughout the day and can also address your questions that way.
Registration is ongoing throughout the season.  There is no waiting period after you register to play.
If you feel a compelling need to shout at someone, please do your business on Thursday night and there will be someone there to shout back at you.  Michele and Samantha don’t make decisions about the League.  They’re low-paid employees there to make your soccer registration experience as simple as possible.  Mike, Marty and Billy make decisions as League officers. Hence, if you or your players have trouble being polite to our staff, then we remove you from membership and you can go play indoor soccer instead.


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