A pitch for help in starting a soccer program in APS elementary schools

Hello Coaches- My name is Oscar and I am one of many coaches that volunteer to introduce soccer to students that are in elementary school. We are seeking parent volunteers (this will require a background check) that would like to coach a team at their child's school or help at one of the schools. If you cannot coach but would like there to be a soccer team at your child's school, you can speak with your school's administrators and ask if the PE teacher or another teacher would be willing to coach one or two teams. We have about 10 APS schools that will have 1-2 teams for the spring. Below is some information.  


We will continue to have our soccer program at the elementary level for spring of 2022. We are seeking schools and volunteers to coach one or two teams per school. Games would be played after school hours. Games days will be during the week only from 4pm-8pm during the months of March-May. A tournament will be played at the end of the season for those who would like to enter. Games are played at the schools that are participating and only for those who can host games. If your school would like to host games you would be required to have a field with soccer goals and also provide a referee. We can also share contact information of referees if you require one.  Most teams have 12-15 players and uniforms will be required. Teams can be co-ed but not a requirement. Most schools do have co-ed teams. Depending on the size of the field, games will be 8 v 8 or 11 v 11 but coaches can adjust depending on the size of the field. At the moment we have 10 schools that will be participating. We hope that your school can participate and if you can please share this information with other schools that would like to participate. We would be greatly appreciated as we would like to provide an opportunity to students in our community to stay active, learn new skills and also have our communities come together to help our families to be able to participate in sports. If you have any questions please let me know. My email is chavoscar2000@gmail.com 


Albuquerque Sol


New Mexico State Soccer Association

United State Adult Soccer Association

United States Soccer Federation